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LS2 is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing biological sciences within the Swiss academic community, and to addressing the social, ethical, and economic issues raised by the rapid progress of the biomedical and life sciences.

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Cell Biology from Tissue to Nucleus

LS2 Annual Meeting 2019 of Life Sciences Switzerland


University of Zurich
Campus Irchel
Winterthurerstrasse 190
8057 Zürich

The LS2 Annual Meeting brings together scientists from all nations and backgrounds to explore the large spectrum united under the umbrella of life sciences.

LS2 Annual Meeting 2019
Bild: Life Sciences Switzerland

What the LS2 Annual Meeting 2019 offers:

  • A scientific program with more than 20 (inter)nationally renowned speakers over two days plus 20+ selected young speakers from abstracts.
  • 4 international plenary lectures
  • 7 scientific symposia: 3-D Proteomics – Live-cell imaging approaches in Cell Biology – Regeneration and pathology of skeletal muscle – Chromatin, epigenetics and the transmission of acquired states across generation – Bacterial Cell Biology – Chemical Biology & Drug Development – Sweet molecules in inflammation and cancer: Novel insights and therapeutic options offered by glycosciences
  • Public Panel discussion "Is merit (gender) biased? Advancement in academia."
  • The popular Postdoc contest "PIs of Tomorrow" where the best future projects from diverse disciplines are being showcased.
  • Two dedicated poster sessions with 150+ posters presented by promising young scientists who can enter the competition for various poster prizes
  • A large industry exhibition with 30+ industry partners
  • As every year, the winner of the Friedrich-Miescher Award and the Lelio Orci Award will be honored in a special ceremony


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